Maria Sanchez

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CEO, Founder, Artist & Green Thumb Extraordinaire


Co-Founder, Head dog in charge of cuddles,

employee engagement, exercise program

head of security.


Maria Sanchez is an artist, social entrepreneur, curator and plant designer from Redwood City, CA. After a 25-year career supporting c-suite executives in Silicon Valley as an Executive Admin, she made the move most people only dream about – she started her own coffee shop and art gallery brands, Tertulia Coffee and Sanchez Contemporary. Maria successfully operated the co-located concepts until personal tragedy struck, and she was forced to divest from her business, effectively parting with her life dream.


It wouldn’t be long until the global health and economic crisis shifted everything around her once again. She pivoted and followed her life dream once again, this time returning to her artistic roots and founding Blue Ventana Botanika & Galeria, where she’s now aligned with her life mission to inspire, heal, build community, and bring joy through art and plants.


Mujer empoderada (empowered woman) on a mission, Maria didn’t skip a beat and launched a crowd-funding campaign to finance the new business, meanwhile using repurposed mediums to create unique artisanal plant designs. Maria's use of recycled items in her plant designs prompted the founder of WRAP (a Waste Reduction Art Project) to invite her to be a featured artist with their organization. While the storm is not yet over, and in some ways just beginning, Maria’s timely concept of delivering good vibes, functional art, and smiles to people when they need it most is exactly what she feels the world needs.